Art and Craft

Role of Art and Craft in the Development of Children

Children can be quite impressionable in those early stages of development, and it is essential to help them receive the right learning experiences so that they become smarter. Parents and schoolteachers must create a space where children can creatively express themselves. Here is why art and craft are so crucial for children:

Motor Skills

As art and craft involve the careful use of fingers in painting a picture or making paper art, it helps the child gain more control and develop motor skills. It helps to increase coordination quite naturally as the child shows deep involvement in a particular art or craft project.

Art and Craft


Children are naturally open and expressive. Allowing them to have creative outlets in their early years is crucial. It helps them to discover their creative side and develop right-brained thinking. Such creativity is beneficial in their later years to solve problems in their life as well. It allows them to think visually about many things.

Art and craft also help them develop their sense of identity separate from their parents. This self-expression is a necessary part of the development of a child. Also, if a parent engages in an art or craft project with a child, they can bond more with them and understand how their child likes to think.

Communication Skills

Teachers in schools usually assign art and craft project in small groups. This allows a child to mingle with other children and collaborate with them to execute the project successfully. Hence, art and craft can be an excellent way for children to socialize and have fun with each other.

Art and Craft

Develops the Ability to Think

When your child is given a particular art project, they will have to think about what to draw or paint, the various colors that they will want to use and how they can get full stars for their project. Crafts also help them to observe various shapes and put their natural thinking and imagination abilities to use.

Increased Self-Confidence

As a child becomes more and more proficient at art and craft, he or she will develop a positive self-image and be a happy child. The child will have a good sense of one’s abilities and want to engage more in creative pursuits.

Emotional Development

Self-regulation is a critical ability that all children need to have. Most children, while growing up, tend to have many tantrums and mood swings. Indulging in art and craft will give them a proper outlet to express their emotions in a safe environment and thereby become more balanced and grounded.

In Conclusion

We can see that the role of art and craft in a child’s development is not to be slighted. It is essential to keep in mind that every child is different in its pace of development and how it wants to express itself through art and craft.

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