Craft And Design Collective

The Craft & Design Collective seeks to provide a world-class centre and resource, dedicated to the celebration, support and promotion of excellent Craft, Applied Art and Design in Northern Ireland – A ‘Craft Hub’ for Northern Ireland – that will benefit the region, its Artist/Designer/Makers, communities and economy.

Space Craft

Space CRAFT opened in June 2007 and is designed to be a focal point for the commissioning, exhibition, promotion and sale of Craft, Applied Art & Design.

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The Importance Of Craft
Applied Art & Design

Craft, Applied Art & Design makes an enduring contribution to the cultural, economic and social regeneration and tourism infrastructure of any country.Artist/Designer/Makers can hope to do. Today Crafts have to be special, well designed and well made certainly, but also expressive of the maker’s unique personality and ideas. 

Our Gallery

Space Craft Gallery Includes  Basketry, Ceramics, Furniture, Glass, Jewellery, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Textiles, Wood.

Customer Reviews

William T Gibson
Carmen G Fountain
Manuel J Terry

About Us

Craft industry as an integral, entrepreneurial and vibrant part of the region’s economic and cultural infrastructure. Its key partners include; regional government and agencies, local government, cultural organisations, universities and colleges of further and higher education, private business and industry.

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